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We create and deliver a unique technology for personalized,
non-invasive diagnostics

Our areas of interest are Life Science and Health care. We use innovative proprietary software to create fast, safe and accurate diagnostic tools to be available all over the world.

Mission & Vision

We provide our technology for personalized, harmless, and accurate diagnostics to reduce invasive procedures in healthcare.

We believe in innovative medicine that is transformed by AI technology from invasive procedures to patient-friendly, accurate, and safe methods in diagnostics and treatment.

Our values


We push the boundaries of technology by delivering innovative solutions in the area of non-invasive diagnostics. We are target-driven.


For us, people come first. We share common goals and support one another in achieving them. We want no internal barriers. We engage and inspire our partners and each other.


We anticipate change and proactively manage it. We are flexible.

Safety through quality

We raise safety standards in patient diagnostics. Always growing, we strive for the utmost precision in diagnosing heart disease.

What do we do?

Building on expert medical knowledge and advanced technologies, we have created a new alternative diagnostic tool in cardiology – an innovative software that provides functional and quantitative information about coronary artery stenosis severity. We help physicians and health care institutions to get to the forefront of digital transformation in diagnostics, making the diagnostic process fast, accurate and safe.

Using the knowledge of medical experts and advances in technology, we have created an alternative for cardiologists – a completely new diagnostic method. We help doctors and medical facilities bring digital transformation to the diagnostic process, making it fast, precise, and safe for patients.

Cardiolens FFR-CT Pro® technology enables precise diagnosis of patients with suspected ischemic heart disease by using two non-invasive diagnostic methods: computed tomography and non-invasive continuous blood pressure measurement and augmenting them with blood flow simulation. It allows for precise anatomical and functional assessment of the coronary arteries by creating three-dimensional vessel models while providing patient-specific FFR results in all arteries.

By developing a globally unique technology based on computational fluid dynamics, physicians, and their patients will gain access to safe, non-invasive, and accurate diagnosis of coronary artery disease.

Cardiolens FFR-CT Pro® Diagnostic Test

Patient benefits

  • Safe diagnostics
  • No stress or risk of complications
  • No need for hospital stay
  • No risk of nosocomial infection

Expected patient benefits

Physician benefits

  • Fewer invasive procedures for patients that do not need them
  • Optimum treatment planning and implementation
  • Reduces the need for invasive FFR measurements
  • Standardization of patient diagnosis
  • Convenience of a non-installable application

Expected physician benefits

Healthcare institution benefits

  • Better management of medical staff and invasive procedure planning
  • Expected reduced hospitalizations and related fixed and variable costs
  • One common diagnostic platform for cardiologists and radiologists
  • Use of state-of-the-art FFR measurement methods recommended by medical standards and scientific associations

Expected healthcare institution benefits

Founders of Hemolens Diagnostics

Kryspin Mirota

Co-founder, CSO

Andrzej Kosior

Co-founder, Scientist

Wojciech Tarnawski


Our locations

Wrocław, Poland

Hemolens Diagnostics

Breda, The Netherlands

Hemolens Diagnostics B.V.

Hemolens Diagnostics Management Board

Wojciech Jeżewski


Kryspin Mirota

Co-founder, CSO

Wojciech Tarnawski


Tomasz Terlecki


Supervisory Board

Agnieszka Motyl

Member of the Supervisory Board

Marcin Stańczyk

Member of the Supervisory Board

Tomasz Piec

Chairman and Member of the Supervisory Board

Mariusz Gromek

Member of the Supervisory Board

Hemolens Diagnostics B.V. Management Board

Arjan Groenevelt


Hemolens Diagnostics B.V. Supervisory Board

Piotr Lipko

Member of the Supervisory Board

Agnieszka Motyl

Member of the Supervisory Board

Tomasz Piec

Chairman and Member of the Supervisory Board

Our journey


Establishment of the company.


Proof of Concept presentation.


Building the organization. Provisional patent application in the US.


Start of medical trials. MVP readiness of a cloud-based solution. First positive results of clinical trials. Final patent applications in the US and EU.


Establishing a five-year strategy. Increasing the engagement of investors. Establishment of an office in the Netherlands.


Clinical research. Development of commercial competence.

Science Partners

National Institute of Cardiology of Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński - National Research Institute

Fourth Military Clinical Hospital with a Polyclinic, Independent Public Healthcare Center in Wrocław

Upper Silesian Medical Center Prof. Leszek Giec of the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice

Cracow Specialist Hospital JPII

University Clinical Hospital Jan Mikulicz-Radecki in Wrocław

T. Marciniak Special Hospital of Lower Silesia - Emergency Medicine Center in Wrocław

University Clinical Center at the Medical University of Gdańsk

Polish-American Heart Clinics, Cardiovascular Center

Polish-American Heart Clinics, Cardiovascular Center

University Hospital in Cracow

Copper Health Center in Lubin

Jagiellonian Center of Innovation

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