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Join our team and develop medical innovations with us!

We operate at the intersection of medicine and cutting-edge technology, creating solutions for more precise, safe, and patient-friendly methods of diagnosing coronary artery disease.

Our technology saves lives. This is our common goal. We bring together specialists from various fields, our teams are interdisciplinary, and the flow of knowledge between employees allows for development not only in the area of their specialization. We are flexible in terms of cooperation type. Whether you prefer to work full-time or part-time, we are open to your needs.

We create important and innovative diagnostic solution that saves lives.

We bring together qualified specialists and outstanding experts.

We provide good working conditions and cooperation. We are a stable company.

Our specialties


We employ specialists in cardiology, radiology, clinical research and biomedical engineers.

Technology and science

We bring together qualified specialists and outstanding experts.


Product business development is an important part of our work, so we are developing customer support, marketing and sales departments.

Our Values


We push the boundaries of technology by providing innovative solutions for non-invasive diagnostics. We focus on the goal.


We put people first. We share common goals in which we support each other. We do not create internal barriers. We engage and inspire our partners and ourselves.


We anticipate and efficiently react to changes. We are flexible.

Safety through quality

We raise safety standards in the diagnostics of our patients. We strive to ensure the highest diagnostic precision of heart diseases through continuous development.

Recruitment Process


We receive your application, review your experience and interests.

HR Interview

If your experience meets our expectations, we contact you by phone and present our business and terms of cooperation. We also want to learn about your motivation and experience

Recruitment meeting

If during the first conversation we have found common points, we present your candidacy to the leader of the department to which you apply. The next step is a recruitment meeting

Recruitment task

For selected positions in our company, we provide recruitment tasks in order to learn as much as possible about your competences and assess them appropriately, as well as relate them to the level of competences in a given department

Decision and feedback

Up to 2 weeks after the last stage, we come back to you with feedback, regardless of the outcome of the recruitment process.

Decision and feedback

Adrianna Lampart

QA Specialist

Our company is created by people who are not only great to work with but also to meet outside work. The team puts emphasis on good organization of work and development through knowledge sharing, which is very positive. Working on the project allows me to gain professional experience in a diverse environment of specialists. I get a lot of personal satisfaction from the opportunity to work on an innovative project that aims to have a direct impact on people's health and improve their quality of life. Thanks to my work at Hemolens Diagnostics I develop professionally as a software tester.

Miłosz Gajowczyk

AI Engineer

My job involves analyzing medical data and helping our team develop new ways to use artificial intelligence in the medical field. The research work in the artificial intelligence team is very developmental. I have learned a lot during this time, not only in terms of programming or artificial intelligence, but also working with medical data or working in a team. I am happy to work in a company where many colleagues are constantly developing scientifically and want to share their knowledge with others

PhD. Antonina Dziedzic-Danel

Clinical Trials Manager

Clinical research is not only my job, but also my passion. Co-creating clinical projects related to the development of non-invasive cardiac diagnostics gives me great professional satisfaction. Hemolens Diagnostics has opened to me a new area of clinical research, where advanced information technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) are used for the needs of medicine. It is extremely valuable experience to be able to work with a wide panel of experts, ranging from doctors (cardiologists, radiologists) to bioengineers, programmers, fluid mechanics and AI specialists.

Marcin Traczyk

Biomedical Engineer

At Hemolens Diagnostics he is involved in modeling biophysical processes and all related computations. As a physicist by education and a programmer by experience, I really appreciate the opportunity to use both theoretical and practical knowledge on a daily basis. Working in the Biomedical Engineering department is a combination of scientific and research work with elements of data science, programming, numerical analysis and modeling. Additional motivation for us is also a sense of mission - after all, we work on software that is supposed to help save lives

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